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Best site to know about Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon Reviews, Patricia's Hair Salon Great Service in your area mean to say near New York, NYC, Astoria, NY. Patricia's Hair Salon will surely meets all the hair salon needs for all the people ranging from aged women, young adults, teenageras.

Patricia’s hair Extensions Salon New York will surely make you look pretty with our famous hair extensions. Just be sure that when selecting the right hair extension for you and it will look good and it will match the color of your hair as well as the overall appearance. Patricia’s hair Extensions Salon New York has eight full time hair specialists to make you beautiful always at any time.

We have wonderful and the best hair salon reviews for our Patricia's Hair Salon. We would like to say special thanks for our thousands of clients for all of the wonderful words. Below is a sample of some reviews and thanks from our clients. I will be updating this page with more letters when I get a chance.

Infectious Personality and World Class Skills at Patricia's Hair Salon

I am currently Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon customer and have been for the past 3 years. She is so talented in her career and she has the biggest heart on top of it. I have been a happy customer and have been referring all of my friends and family to her for years. I always go in for extensions and color. She does a style of extensions that I have never heard of and it is very healthy for my hair. I recommend going to her for that.She is located in a nice neighborhood in NYC. I drive from very far away because I trust her more than anyone else. But the location is very convenient and even if it isn't for you, it will be worth the drive. Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon has a nice ambiance and you will feel right at home when you are there. It is real treat to go to Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon. Infectious personality and wonderful salon. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Be sure to call ahead for an appointment.
- Jesse

Thank You and God Bless Patricia's Hair Salon

When your child is suffering you'll do almost anything to make it better. Sometimes you're fooled because you're so hopeful that it blinds you.....and sometimes you're very lucky. The latter was the case for me. I brought my daughter there with no prior knowledge of their business other than their website and reviews. I wasn't sure what to expect and dreaded a big letdown. After all, my daughter has been suffering with alopecia (hair loss) on and off for the last two years and she is 17 years old. For a beautiful, bright, funny, outgoing (not so much now) teenager what could be worse? Well, my expectations were exceeded. The assistant manager, Paola, was not only knowledgable about her condition, she was sensitive and caring. Not only did my daughter walk out of there with a stunning hair piece, but with a huge smile on her face that I haven't seen in a while. It may not be a cure for her alopecia, but it has certainly reduced the stress that my be contributing to her condition. Run. Don't walk if you are in similar situation.
- Elisa Jewell

Truly Satisfied with Patricia's Hair Salon

All staff members of Patricia's Hair Salon were exceptionally friendly and professional. Patricia's Hair Salon was a totally happening place. All the hairstylists were really diverse. I could be from any ethnic back ground and would have felt comfortable. When I explained what I wanted, they listened patiently and gave me the hair cut I wanted. I had a picture with me and the style came out just like the picture. I was so happy. I've already told three friends about it. I hate to go on but I was just so pleased that I just can't help wanting to let everyone know. I give Patricia hair salon a very high rating.
- Jacee Haesel

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